About Ekata Training Center

Ekata Training Center is a family fitness training center. The name “Ekata” means “oneness” in Sanskrit. The point of learning to fight is learning not to fight – it is to discover peace, good health and tranquility. This is the underlying theme of our facility. We train adults and children to live a healthy, balanced life by training not only the body, but the brain. The Ekata Team Represents Combined Decades Of Training And Experience In Fitness And Martial Arts, And Each Member Is Passionate About Helping You Achieve Total, Lasting Fitness.

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Add Treatment Conejo Valley CA

Being diagnosed with ADD can mean many things and living with it is frustrating for everyone involved. Many parents and children are unhappy with the medications that are used to treat the symptoms of ADD. Through Ekata Training Center Conejo Valley CA is able to offer a non-medicinal treatment for ADD.

At the Ekata Training Center, we specialize in ADD with people of all ages.

Call or email us today for a discussion if you experience any of the following with yourself or your children:

  • Tears at the kitchen table during homework time
  • Taking hours to do homework that should take much less time
  • Constantly struggling to stay on task
  • Declining grades
  • Consistent impulsive/hyperactive behavior at school or work
  • Lack of motivation to complete tasks
  • Continually forgetting/losing things

Adult ADD Treatment Options

Ekata Training Center approaches adult ADD and other related conditions from a brain health perspective. We can create a drug-free treatment model or we can work with clients to reduce their meds (requires medical supervision), we call this option “med management”.

An effective treatment program is likely to involve a combination of therapies, including many of the following:

  • Functional Assessment Questionnaire (FAQ) a profile of health systems and symptoms
  • Specific lab tests based on symptoms and FAQ diagnosis
  • QEEG functional Brain Map
  • Nexalin Technology to support neurochemical balance in the brain
  • Neurofeedback – trains the brain to function at optimal levels
  • Coaching – to address personal and professional issues
  • Nutritional analysis and food sensitivity testing
  • Supplements and Enzymes to support lasting outcome

Through the use of Ekata Training Center may be able to help turn these negative experiences into positive ones.

About Conejo Valley CA

The Conejo Valley is a region spanning both southeastern Ventura County and northwestern Los Angeles County in Southern California, United States.Many high-tech companies, particularly those in biotechnology, including Amgen, Baxter, General Dynamics Corporation, and Rockwell International are prevalent in the area. It also includes many other tech corporations, especially dot com companies and telecommunications like Verizon and Verizon Wireless.

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