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Ekata Training Center is a family fitness training center. The name “Ekata” means “oneness” in Sanskrit.  This is the underlying theme of our facility. We train adults and children to live a healthy, balanced life by training not only the body, but the brain. The Ekata team represents combined decades of training and experience in fitness and martial arts.  Each member is passionate about helping you achieve total, lasting health, fitness and peace of mind.

Our co-founder, Edward Monaghan is a professor at UCLA specializing in mind/body integration.  He has developed a series of attention training exercises that incorporate kinesthetic based cognitive learning therapies which are hidden inside our martial arts curriculum.

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Add Treatment

Being diagnosed with ADD can be frustrating for everyone involved. Many parents and children are unhappy with the medications that are used to treat the symptoms of ADD. Ekata Training Center is not a clinic, nor do we offer clinical interventions for clinical diagnoses.  However, we recognize the value of early diagnosis and refer out to clinics in order to develop treatment plans for those to whom these treatments would be beneficial.

At the Ekata Training Center, we offer recreational programs that work in tandem with clinical ADD treatments for people of all ages.

Call or email us today for a discussion if you experience any of the following with yourself or your children:

  • Tears at the kitchen table during homework time
  • Taking hours to do homework that should take much less time
  • Constantly struggling to stay on task
  • Declining grades
  • Consistent impulsive/hyperactive behavior at school or work
  • Lack of motivation to complete tasks
  • Continually forgetting/losing things

Adult ADD Treatment Options

Ekata Training Center refers out to UCLA’s ADHD Clinic (https://www.semel.ucla.edu/adhdandmood/ucla-adhd-clinic), the Amen Clinic (https://www.amenclinics.com/locations/) and the North Los Angeles County Regional Center (https://www.dds.ca.gov/RC/rc378.cfm) .  These clinics and Ekata approach adult/children’s ADD and other related conditions from a brain health perspective. These treatment centers can create a drug-free treatment models or can work with clients to reduce their meds (requires medical supervision).

An effective treatment program is likely to involve a combination of therapies, including many of the following:

  • Functional Assessment Questionnaire (FAQ) a profile of health systems and symptoms
  • Specific lab tests based on symptoms and FAQ diagnosis
  • QEEG functional Brain Map
  • Nexalin Technology to support neurochemical balance in the brain
  • Neurofeedback – trains the brain to function at optimal levels
  • Coaching – to address personal and professional issues
  • Nutritional analysis and food sensitivity testing
  • Supplements and Enzymes to support lasting outcome

Our experience leads us to believe there is no single simple solution for these conditions.  Diagnoses such as ODD, OCD, ADD, ADHD can be crippling for adults and children.  However, when clinical interventions and recreational activities that support the clinical treatment modalities are implemented – there is a very high likelihood that these difficult conditions can be overcome and the individual can continue to flourish, leading a normal, fruitful life.

We Served Clients From These Cities

Ekata is the only family fitness center serving in Santa Clarita CA, Canyon Country CA, Conejo Valley CA, Newhall CA, Santa Clarita Valley CA, Saugus CA & Valencia CA that offers personalized and group training, but addresses nutrition, and your overall health.

About Santa Clarita Valley CA

The Santa Clarita Valley is part of the upper watershed of Santa Clara River in Southern California. The valley was part of the 48,612-acre Rancho San Francisco Mexican land grant. Santa Clarita is usually associated with the Six Flags Magic Mountain amusement park, though the park is located just outside city limits in unincorporated Los Angeles County, and the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), located in Valencia.

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