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Ekata Training Center is a family fitness training center. The name “Ekata” means “oneness” in Sanskrit. The point of learning to fight is learning not to fight – it is to discover peace, good health and tranquility. This is the underlying theme of our facility. We train adults and children to live a healthy, balanced life by training not only the body, but the brain. The Ekata Team Represents Combined Decades Of Training And Experience In Fitness And Martial Arts, And Each Member Is Passionate About Helping You Achieve Total, Lasting Fitness.

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Adhd Treatment Canyon Country CA

In-depth assessment, treatment planning, medication management, individual therapy, education and family support are all necessary to help an adult with ADHD function in new ways and build his or her self-esteem. Adhd Treatment Canyon Country CA offer coaching, assessment, and therapy services geared toward helping the individuals we work with harness their strengths and develop the skills necessary to function successfully.

ADHD Treatment may mean the difference between feeling effective as a student or worker, and feeling inadequate. Adhd Treatment Canyon Country CA begin treatment by doing a thorough evaluation of the individual to assess areas of strength and areas for development. Sometimes this evaluation is more formalized through the use of a comprehensive clinical interview and psychological testing.

Other times, the evaluation process is done in the beginning of therapy (over the course of several sessions) where the therapist gathers the necessary historical and current information from the client to help formulate a diagnosis and treatment plan.

We then help our clients learn strategies to deal with problems of inattention and develop skills to manage problems with impulsivity and hyperactivity.

About Canyon Country CA

Canyon Country is north of the San Fernando Valley via Newhall Pass through the Santa Susana and San Gabriel Mountains. Canyon Country is located in the upper watershed of the Santa Clara River in the Santa Clarita Valley and Sierra Pelona Mountains foothills.

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