Ekata Training Center Santa Clarita Valley Summer Camp 2022

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Explore Themes That Connect Us All!

Whether you have an interest in outer space, an interest in nature, or you see yourself as the next big hit dancer, the passion for our interests is what connects us together into one big family. This year at Ekata Training Center, we will be exploring different themes in order to create new interests and connect ourselves to others through these interests. Learn about team based play using over the top variants of traditional sports in the Xtreme Games camp. Harness our planet’s natural resources in our STEM based Sun, Wind, and Water Camp. Learn about the stars, our solar system, and the universe in our Reach for the Stars camp. Fast track your way to your first belt level in Jeet Kune Do with our Accelerated Belt camp. Become a Hip-Hop dancer and learn the history of Hip-Hop in our Hip-Hop Time Travel camp. Finally, explore local nature spots and learn how to survive in the wild, just like our ancestors, in the second part to our Spring Camp called Adventure is Out There. 2022 Summer Day Camp Program and Activities Appropriate for Ages 5-12 K-6th Grade.

kids at camp

Summer Camp Activities Include:

  • Physical Activity
  • Martial Arts Programs
  • Art Enrichment Projects and History
  • Field Trips
  • Organic Snacks
  • Bring a lunch!

All camps are from 8am-3pm with late pick up (5:00pm) available. ($12 per hour)Camp cost is $249 per camp. Please note, enrolling in a camp after the Monday before camp starts will incur an additional $50 charge.

Descriptions of our Summer Camps!

Each summer camp has a  unique curriculum and theme!  See below for a week by week description of our programs for boys and girls ages 5-12 and scroll down to sample videos from our past camps! We are located in Valencia California serving the whole Santa Clarita Valley.

Xtreme Games:

Come join us for our first ever Xtreme Games Summer Camp! This camp is all about physical activity and team based play, but on a whole different level! Experience a twist on classic sports and experience new sports that you may not have heard of. This camp is for those who love to be outside and participate in physical movements. Expect to be smiling and sweating! June 13th – June 17th

Jumbo ball

Daily Schedule

Day One:

  • Jumbo Soccer

Day Three:

  • Water Wars (Capture the Flag and Hold the Fort)

Day Five:

  • Summer Snowball Fight

Day Two:

  • Slip ‘N’ Slide

Day Four:

  • Witch Ultimate Frisbee

Camp Highlights!

  • Play classic sports with a twist!

  • Engage in physical activity

  • Have fun outdoors!

Sun, Wind, and Water:

The world is full of amazing inventions and a lot of which function from various forces on this planet. In this STEM based camp, students will learn about how forces can help us complete tasks, the history of groundbreaking inventions, and they will even make their own creations. This camp is for those who love to engage in their brain and be creative! June 20th – June 24th


Daily Schedule

Day One:

  • DIY Wind up Derby

Day Three:

  • Mini Solar Powered Vehicles

Day Five:

  • Balloon Copters

Day Two:

  • DIY Sailboat Regatta

Day Four:

  • Gravity Coasters

Camp Highlights

  • Learn how to harness forces

  • Create your own vehicles

  • Learn about engineering and physics

Reach for the Stars:

Ten… nine… eight… seven… six… five… four… three… two… one… blast off into the stars  as we discover our potential, learn how to dream big, and make our dreams come true while we learn about the universe! June 27th – July 1st

girl stars

Daily Schedule

Day One:

  • DIY Solar Oven and Intro to Constellations

Day Three:

  • 3, 2, 1… Blast Off! (Bottle Rockets and Egg Base Jumping)

Day Five:

  • Griffith Observatory

Day Two:

  • Vikings and Navigation

Day Four:

  • Star Gazing (Parents are Welcome)

Camp Highlights

  • Learn about the universe and physics!

  • Fun space based projects

Accelerated Belt Camp:

Learn the moves and philosophy of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do in just one short week! The goal of this camp to to promote you to your first belt level (or next if you train with us) in 5 days. We will be training for long periods each day and learning about Bruce Lee, the origins of JKD, and the principles that make JKD what it is today! Learn beginner methods of how to protect yourself and others, or refine your skills that you already have. This camp is great for people who have either studied martial arts in the past or people who are brand new! Applicable for all level 1 students.  Unfortunately our more advanced students (green belt and up) may not jump belt levels due to the complexity of their material.     July 11th – July 15th

black belt

Daily Schedule

Day 1:

  • Yellow Belt Material

Day 3:

  • Orange Belt Material

Day 5:

  • Green Belt Material

Day 2:

  • High Yellow Material

Day 4:

  • High Orange Material

Camp Highlights

  • Begin your martial arts journey

  • Accelerate your martial arts progress

  • Learn new techniques

  • Learn the origins of Jeet Kune Do Bruce Lee!

Hip-Hop Time Travel:

Journey back in time to discover the roots of Hip-Hop! Students will learn about the different movements that helped shape modern Hip-Hop dancing. This camp is for those who want to learn more about dance and become more educated in various styles. Beginners and experienced dancers are welcomed! July 18th – July 22nd

hiphop dancer

Daily Schedule

Day One:

  • Capoeira

Day Three:

  • Hip-Hop pt. 1

Day Five:

  • Hip-Hop pt. 3

Day Two:

  • Disco

Day Four:

  • Hip-Hop pt. 2

Camp Highlights

  • Learn how to dance in a variety of styles

  • Learn about the history of hip-hop

Adventure is Out There Part 2:

Following up after the first part in the Spring, campers will continue to learn about survival topics such as food finding and navigation. Those enrolling do not have to attend part 1 of Adventure is Out There. July 25th – July 29th


Daily Schedule

Day One:

  • 5 Senses in Nature (Towsley)

Day Three:

  • Navigating in the Wild

Day Five:

  • Animal Tracking

Day Two:

  • Finding Food in the Wild

Day Four:

  • How to be a Ranger

Camp Highlights

  • Learn How To Survive In California’s Wilderness

Sign-up today for our awesome Santa Clarita – Valencia CA summer camp experience. Your kids will learn and have a great time doing it!

Our quality Santa Clarita summer camp staff goes through a vigorous background check and training process. Your child will experience an awesome learning environment in working with our master instructors who have many years of experience in their art form. Our staff instructors practice positive reinforcement to foster positive behavior and attentiveness.  Respect and kindness are always a priority at Ekata!  Games, art and fun from around the globe – but in your own backyard !  Our staff is focused on building compassionate and courageous kids. Student to teacher ratio is 12 children to 1 teacher.

art and painting activities

  • "Last summer my son joined the summer camp at Ekata. It was fun and educational learning for him. Every week there was a different country theme and he learned about that country culture, food, martial art style, etc. He came home with crafts and he would talk about new knowledge that he learned." February  2019

    Kesawee Kai Chindawath Axianta Financial Partners, Vice President of Business Development
  • "I loved the variety that was offered at Ekata summer camp, trying lots of new things. Capoeira was very unique in the way it included dance and martial arts and the history of it was very interesting. I’d love to try it again sometime." December 2018

    Benjamin Tarabour 5th Grader
  • "We love Ekata. Ekata's Summer Program worked really hard to develop an array of activities for our children. I was able to go work in peace knowing they were in a safe atmosphere with physical activities & weekly themed summer program. Our son truly enjoyed summer camp at Ekata. He experienced other countries' martial arts, culture, food, crafts, and field trips. They also did a parent showcase once a week to show us what they've learned - seriously amazing! I would highly recommend this camp! They really work hard to help your child learn, grow and have fun!"

    Tammy Golf
  • "Our kids loved the Ekata summer camp experience, from the arts and crafts to the field trips! My wife and I love the weekly themes and the family atmosphere."

    Chris and Linda Stetson

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