Ekata Training Center Santa Clarita Valley Summer Camp 2019

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The World In Your Backyard

Martial Arts from Around the World!

Ever wonder how to become a Ninja?  Have your kids ever jumped around the living room acting like a Shaolin Warrior Monk?  If your children have, you may want to save your furniture and have them learn the real thing in a safe, secure environment!  Come travel around the world as we explore several countries’ unique cultural arts, physical sport, food, history, and language in our rich learning environment. Every week we explore a different country with its rich traditions, history and martial art! Students will train with a Master from each discipline, experience the food from the country, learn about cultural history, while having a blast learning the arts that they would otherwise only sample on their video games!  Let’s get those kids moving!

2019 Summer Day Camp Program and Activities Appropriate for Ages 5-12 K-6th Grade

Summer Camp Activities Include:

  • Martial Arts Programs
  • Art Enrichment Projects and History
  • Organic Snacks
  • Cultural Lunch of the Week (food from the country of the week) (Thursdays)
  • Parent Showcase (Friday at pick up)
  • Bring a lunch! Except Thursdays

Early drop off (7am) and late pick up (6:30pm) available.

Santa Clarita summer camp ninjas

Short Descriptions of our Summer Camps!

Each summer camp has a  unique curriculum and theme!  See below for a week by week description of our programs for boys and girls ages 5-12 along with the creative action comedy stunt summer camp for children ages 10-16.  And scroll down to sample videos from our past camps! We are located in Valencia California serving the whole Santa Clarita Valley.


  • Japan – Ninja Camp (June 17/21)
    • The stealthy Ninja has captivated the imagination of kids around the world for decades!  Kids learn from a true Ninjutsu master.  Learn the rolls, jumps and history of the Ninja!  You might even learn to throw the deadly shuriken! (throwing star – but a little less deadly rubber version)
  • Brazil – Capoeira (June 24/28)
    • Capoeira is a martial art that incorporates fluid, gymnastic moves like handstands, cartwheels and jumping spinning kicks!  The kids learn the “roda” (the circle) where the practitioners “play” the game of capoeira.   The children also learn to sing and play the traditional instruments that accompany the game!
  • Philippines – Pakamut/Escrima (July 8/12)
    • Escrima is an extremely popular form of weapons training.  The kids learn to use two sticks while synchronizing and timing their movements.  This is a wonderful cognitive movement therapy in tandem with being a terrific art indigenous to the Philippines.  Escrima in the Philippines is a source of great cultural pride!


  • China – Shaolin Kung Fu (July 15/19)
    • What serious Saturday Kung Fu Cinema fan has not dreamed of being a Shaolin Warrior Monk!  This system founded around the year 500CE is the source of all modern kung fu cinema.  Pick a Jet Li or Jackie Chan movie and you’ll see this fabled art in action
  • Thailand – Muay Thai (July 22/26)
    • The fabled art of Thailand is practiced in every MMA gym in the world!  This is the world’s most famous kickboxing style.  Kid’s learn to use training tools like “Thai pads” with their partners to move like real ring fighters!  Kid’s will also learn the “Ram Muay Wai Kru” the traditional pre-fight ceremonial dance paying homage to their lineage of teachers.
  • Brazil II – Brazilian Jiujitsu (July 29/Aug 2)
    • Yes, another week of Brazil because the country developed two of the most famous martial arts in the world!  Brazilian Jiujitsu is the other half of the MMA equation.  Do your kids like to wrestle?  Then teach them how to do it the right way.  Kid’s learn the Brazilian Jiujitsu training methods from the lineage of the world famous Machado Brothers.

Sign-up today for our awesome Santa Clarita – Valencia CA summer camp experience. Your kids will learn and have a great time doing it!

Creative Action Comedy Stunt Training Camp

We’re proud to announce the world’s first action-comedy specific training summer camp! Over the course of 2 weeks, our program will teach the physical and mental fundamentals required to perform and create innovative and fun fight scene choreography. This will be accomplished through a series classes split into physical disciplines such as martial arts, cross training, and skill acquisition; and workshops designed to challenge the mind while teaching how professional fight choreography is designed, performed, filmed, and assembled. The curriculum for this camp will utilize mindfulness, physical sports activity, and self discipline to enable the participants to take what they learn, and use it in their own creative physical projects going forwards.

July 15th-July 26th ( 2 Weeks), 8am-3:00pm 

$498 ($439 before June 1st)

This Summer camp is designed for kids aged 10-16

Summer Action Camp Activities Include:

  • Physical Training
  •  Choreography and Stunt Skill Classes
  •  Action Scene Study
  •  Choreography Building
  •  Hands-on Fight Scene filming and performing experience
  •  A FINISHED ACTION COMEDY SKIT which participants can post to YouTube or Instagram

Punch the Beat and Kickstart the Music!

At Punch the Beat Kickstart the Music! you will learn fun rhythmic exercises (hand and foot coordination and more) that actually sound like drum beats and will challenge not only your brain, they will boost your creativity! Basic boxing and kicking skills will be fused with awesome music to create a dynamic and fun experience that will balance you, both physically and mentally.

August 5th-9th, 8am-3:30pm

$249 ($199 before June 1st)

Late Pickup 3:30-6:30($6 per hour)

Summer Music Camp Activities Include:

  • Learn about the brain, what it does, and how to get the most out of it to be more successful in school, in social interactions and the hobbies that you pursue. 
  • Learn about musical instruments, styles and various artists. Fun and challenging brain games will be part of your experience and engage both your right and left side brain.
  • You will witness live music performances and learn about different instruments and musical styles (we’ll have a surprise guest or two as well).
  • You will also be given entertaining daily assignments which will strengthen the bond you have with your family and your friends.

Maybe all this will open up a new door or two for things that you’ve never even considered! 

Quality Staff

Our quality Santa Clarita summer camp staff goes through a vigorous background check and training process. Your child will experience an awesome learning environment in working with our master instructors who have many years of experience in their art form. Our staff instructors practice positive reinforcement to foster positive behavior and attentiveness.  Respect and kindness are always a priority at Ekata!  Games, art and fun from around the globe – but in your own backyard !  Our staff is focused on building compassionate and courageous kids. Student to teacher ratio is 12 children to 1 teacher.

art and painting activities

  • "Last summer my son joined the summer camp at Ekata. It was fun and educational learning for him. Every week there was a different country theme and he learned about that country culture, food, martial art style, etc. He came home with crafts and he would talk about new knowledge that he learned." February  2019

    Kesawee Kai Chindawath Axianta Financial Partners, Vice President of Business Development
  • "I loved the variety that was offered at Ekata summer camp, trying lots of new things. Capoeira was very unique in the way it included dance and martial arts and the history of it was very interesting. I’d love to try it again sometime." December 2018

    Benjamin Tarabour 5th Grader
  • "We love Ekata. Ekata's Summer Program worked really hard to develop an array of activities for our children. I was able to go work in peace knowing they were in a safe atmosphere with physical activities & weekly themed summer program. Our son truly enjoyed summer camp at Ekata. He experienced other countries' martial arts, culture, food, crafts, and field trips. They also did a parent showcase once a week to show us what they've learned - seriously amazing! I would highly recommend this camp! They really work hard to help your child learn, grow and have fun!"

    Tammy Golf
  • "Our kids loved the Ekata summer camp experience, from the arts and crafts to the field trips! My wife and I love the weekly themes and the family atmosphere."

    Chris and Linda Stetson
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