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Radiant health through nutrition, wellness and rejuvenation

Healing & Rejuvenation

Professional athletes know the value of healing and rejuvenation.  Proper fuel, proper rest and recovery are absolute necessities in high level training programs.  So why should the average person be any different?  We know what works!  Call to schedule your appointment today!


We believe that healing and fueling the body begins with proper nutrition.  Our nutritionist is a registered nurse, certified, degreed and committed to a natural, holistic approach to radiant health.

  • Complementary Consultation – Each student in our adult program receives a complementary dietary consultation and guidance about food and supplement choices.  Our staff nutritionist advocates natural, holistic food consumption that everyone can apply to their lives easily and effectively.
    • FREE
  • Medical Weight Loss – Our medical weight loss program is a professional, medically supervised program designed to naturally address dietary change from a clinical perspective.  However, we do not use chemical additives or prescription medication.  Everything is achieved through proper supervision and mindfulness.  We retrain your brain how to eat properly.
    • $169.00 monthly


  • Lomi Lomi- A Hawaiian form of massage characterized by fluid, wave-like pattern’s that heals and rejuvenates.
    • 1 hour: $80
  • Rolfing- Also called Rolf therapy or structural integration, is a holistic system of bodywork that uses deep manipulation of the body’s soft tissue to realign and balance the body’s myofascial structure
    • Introductory session: $90
    • Regular rate: $130 for 1.5 hrs


  • Acupuncture is an alternative medicine methodology originating in ancient China. According to traditional Chinese medicine, stimulating acupuncture points can correct imbalances in the flow of qi through channels known as meridians.
    • Initial Consultation: $125.00
    • Regular Session: $75.00
    • Facial Rejuvenation: $95.00
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