Ekata’s Youth Program is Designed to Strengthen Growing Bodies And Minds The Right Way!

Ekata’s Character Training And School-Safe/Street-Safe Program Encourages Positive, Compassionate Social Interaction Along With Effective Self-Defense Skills.

  • Mindfulness
  • Managing & Understanding Bullies
  • Peer Pressure
  • Developing Empathy And Compassion

“During this critical development stage, kids need the proper mental and physical tools to stay safe and make good choices. Our youth program is designed to encourage kids to explore and view the world in a creative, positive manner but still know how to handle confrontation. We want our kids to exude an air of cool confidence.” – Professor Edward Monaghan

Panda Program (Ages 3-5)

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Ekata’s Panda program is designed to teach basic motor skills, develop spatial awareness, and provide the foundation necessary for children to avoid danger and become respectful citizens. The pre-school program introduces children to key concepts, which will help them prepare for the social and academic needs of the future.

Pandas are taught the foundation of mindfulness practice. This enables our little ones to begin exercising their brain in a way that helps them to widen the gap between impulse and action.

Kinesthetic Learning
Children learn with their bodies. Our program teaches basic movement skills that provide a foundation for motor learning as children age. We want our kids to build a solid foundation that translates into a confident, healthy mind and body.

Social Interaction
Through our proprietary character training lessons children learn how to interact effectively with others and develop an attitude of respect and kindness. We teach children to accept and process their feelings in a supportive, positive environment.

Youth Program (Ages 6-12)

All physical activities at Ekata are based on the principle of mindfulness. Mindfulness practice trains the brain and strengthens the neo-cortex, which is responsible for emotional regulation, attentiveness along with developing empathy and compassion for others.

The Impulse/Action Gap
Ekata’s youth program trains kids’ brains to widen the gap between impulse and action. This is a crucial time to learn about controlling impulsive behavior and making good choices.

Movement Training
Ekata offers the best in physical training for kids, all under one roof! Please see below for our description of classes.


Jeet Kune Do
The root of our martial arts at Ekata all stem from Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do. Jeet Kune Do is known as the “original” mixed martial art. In Jeet Kune Do, students learn practical techniques for self-defense while maintaining the humility and respect of traditional martial arts training. During the first year, all students develop a base of experience in our JKD classes.

In the second year our students begin to learn a unique form of French kickboxing called Savate from our world champion co-founder, Sifu JoAnn Wabisca. This trains them to gain proficiency in long and medium range striking techniques.

In the third year students learn Brazilian Jiujitsu. This art focuses on the development of grappling/ground fighting skills.

Music Lessons
In keeping with our fundamental philosophy of training the brain and creating balance in our lives, Ekata offers music lessons for adults and children to nurture the creative essence. Most adults and children are so concentrated on analytic left brain based activities that creative pursuits are forgotten. Music helps teach patience, mindfulness and nurtures the oft neglected right hemisphere functions of the brain.

Music Lesson Rates

  • 30 minute lesson: $35
  • 60 minute lesson: $60

Ekata Care Enrichment Classes (Ages 5-12)

Our Ekata Care program offers much more than babysitting. Ekata is a 21st century conservatory! Our kids learn how to create a balanced, health body and mind through the study of mindfulness based meditation, art, music, theater, martial arts, physical training, our special “life skills” program, and many more enrichment classes. We are the ONLY state licensed after care program in Santa Clarita offering extensive physical training, martial arts and behavioral training for children!

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