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Our Mission Statement:

To be the leader in children’s holistic and mindfulness education through physical and artistic expression. To initiate the next phase of humankind’s consciousness and empathy within our families, communities, and the world. To be the ultimate exemplar of self-love and universal connection.

Current events have revealed the emotional, physical, and spiritual jeopardy that humankind faces. Let us teach your children critical tools and abilities to help them navigate through today’s issues and become the leaders of tomorrow.

*Ekata is a certified homeschool provider, please call or email to find out if we are a provider for your homeschooling entity.*

Because of current guidelines for social distancing and protocols required by the CDC, we have taken measures to ensure your child’s health; one of them being that we will divide the children into groups of ten to twelve depending on the classroom size. Once a group is filled up, registration for that group will close. This means that spots are limited.

The Ekata Care Program

(ages 5-11)

Five Days of Full-time coverage

This is the perfect option for parents who work full-time and need a reliable space for their children to complete their online learning with supervised school sessions AND participate in our enrichment courses. Children in this pathway have access to all of our martial arts, improv, art, yoga, story telling, and dance classes scheduled in our program.

8am-6:30pm Monday-Friday

*Call for information regarding distance learning only schedules*

Three Days of Full-time Coverage

For children who will be attending school only two days of the week; Tutoring and supervision will be provided on school days along with enrichment classes and the third day will offer a full eight hours of childcare and access to all available classes that day. Your child will be guaranteed two martial arts classes, yoga classes, art classes, storytelling and theatrical improvisation classes a week.

8am-6:30pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday only

*Call for information regarding distance learning only schedules*

girl reading

Curriculum and Activities:


-Jeet Kune Do Blend Martial Arts

-Vinyasa Yoga

-Creative Writing

-Art and Illustration

-Exercise and Nutrition

More to come!

Teens Bridging Program

(ages 12-14)

Previously known as the, “Bridging Program” The Bridging Initiative is the evolved youth program at Ekata; focused on leadership skills, group and individual communication, and self transformation. The world is changing rapidly and it’s easy to lose ourselves in the trends, social movements, and different philosophies. We’re perfectly equipped to teach your young adults the skills they’ll need to grow and stay grounded and intentional. With the same supervision and tutoring options as our Ekata Care program above, members of the Bridging Initiative will recieve a tailored experience of the program that will resonate more towards teenagers and their transition into teenhood.

teens martial arts

Our Goals

1. Develop a sense of self-love and personal responsibility.                                                                                                                                2. The Students will decide on a nonprofit to partner with, set goals for the partnership, and meet those goals throughout the school year.                                                                                                                                                                                                                3. Develop  group communication and public speaking skills through our Junior Toastmasters and Teen Improv programs.            4. Weekly Master Classes

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