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Is it hard to:

Pay Attention?

Control Your Emotions?

Develop and Stick To Good Habits?


The root of all behavior is thought.  Mind-less-ness is what gets us into trouble.  Have you ever wondered why you can’t stop doing something you know is not beneficial for your health?  At Ekata, we train you in mind-ful-ness and teach you how to apply these principles at rest and in action.

As you train your body and your brain, the portion of your brain responsible for higher functions and conscious thought, (the prefrontal cortex) grows more dense and enables the practitioner to gain control of their actions.  The subconscious thoughts which sabotage our efforts to move forward in life are reduced.

This practice leads to relaxed, happy thoughts and a substantial reduction of stress in our lives.  It also helps us to reach our goals and stick to it – permanently!

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