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Adults, Children, Teens – Ekata is designed for the whole family!


Ekata offers online classes and studio classes (coming soon), instruction and treatment in many forms of exercise and healing.  Please see our dropdown menu for details.  Our co-founder and head instructor, Edward Monaghan is a professor at UCLA specializing in kinesthetic learning, mindfulness and mind/body integration.


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  • The Ekata experience is truly life changing!

    Ruben Dua
  • Consistently attending 5 AM 3x a week has helped keep the curriculum fresh and fitness levels mildly improving. I believe going back to basics and drilling with instructor critiques has improved my overall JKD form.. Plus the instructor keeps the class material fresh each day.  Thanks for providing the opportunity to continue early morning workouts.  Go 5 AM!

    Diana Osterhues
  • This is the perfect way to start your day. It’s packed full of energy producing exercises that make you feel more alert and awake once your done. Also let face 5am workout during quarantine..... that’s automatic beast mode. Teacher is excellent and has the cutest laugh on the planet. Students are all levels and supportive. And best of all, it online zoom format so you can workout in your PJ’s . Thank you Ekata for providing a much need first thing reset to focus and feel good.

    Tamysen Malles
  • Because of the malicious COVID-19, all classes had to migrate from the gym, to online. I am very happy that Ekata enabled their students to train online with them. Being on "lockdown / quarantined at home" the last thing I want to do is sit down even longer, and feel like a depressed prisoner at home. Fortunately, Ekata and their 5 AM class has allowed me to continue the journey in JKD.

    Tony Devestern
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