Strength & Conditioning

Training Intelligently for Longevity

Ever go to a gym and feel uncomfortable?

That won’t happen at Ekata.

No “in crowd”.  No drama.  You will receive a full program that includes a personalized conditioning program, medically designed nutrition program and our exclusive “Train Your Brain” program.  Get in shape, feel good, reduce stress and make it stick!  No gimmicks – just truth and intelligent training that will last a lifetime.

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*Some features not included in our basic program*

  • Kettlebell Conditioning

Kettlebells are known world-wide as a fantastic tool to build functional strength, flexibility and endurance. This full body workout teaches “bells” from the ground up, emphasizing proper technique and enabling the practitioner to make huge gains in an intelligent manner.

  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS)
      • The Functional Movement Screen is an assessment tool given to every member in order better understand each student’s movements, limitations, flexibility, strength and stability.
      • Each client receives a private assessment with our certified trainers.  This provides the base from which all exercise prescription can be enacted.
  • Body Composition Analysis (BCA)

Each student receives a medical grade body composition analysis and is tested each month to ensure proper progress is being made toward goals that have been established during your initial consultation.

  • Nutrition Plan

Receive a free consultation with JoAnn Wabisca, co-owner and one of our head instructors.  JoAnn has worked in the world of health and weight loss management for many years.  Her approach is holistic and organic and helps each student to understand the importance of healthy food choices.

  • Group Circuit Training
      • Our group circuit training focuses on the development of proper technique and form and long term fitness.  We believe every student should learn to train like an athlete.  Circuit classes ensure that your form is correct to avoid injuries – and then blasts your body to gain strength, speed and power while reducing body fat by increasing the metabolic rate over the aerobic threshold.
      • This program meets multiple times per week.
  • Private & Semi-Private Training

For those who need personal guidance and private fitness and martial arts training.

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