Illustration Classes

Courses for Beginner to Intermediate Artists

Join one of our specialty designed kids illustration courses to improve your child’s artistic skills. Whether they are brand new, or have some prior experience, our programs will improve their skills in just 8 weeks. Our studio is designed for social distancing so your child can explore and have fun in safety.

See below for more information on the courses:

Comics and Illustrated Storytelling

The Comics and Illustrated Storytelling course focuses on the fundamentals of illustration and story structure. Students will learn the basics of drawing in perspective, figure drawing and anatomy, character design, background design, cinematography, and story. Over the 8-week course we will develop a short comic, going through development of the story, designing characters and setting, inking, coloring, and letters. Students who finish the course will have a completed 5-7 page comic, as well as a stronger understanding of foundational illustration skills.

Course starts September 21st, class time is at 4:00pm. Ages 11+ or with instructor’s consent.

8 week course of live studio classes 3 days per week (Mon/Wed/Fri) *Snacks Included*

Access to exclusive supplementary online lessons

Weekly feedback and coaching

Portfolio Development

The Portfolio Development class uses a focused, critique-driven approach to artistic improvement. Students will receive detailed feedback and develop a plan for their continued artistic growth, creating art pieces or projects to strengthen their portfolio and build a more solid body of work. The objective of the class is to make artists stronger in their best areas, and more confident in their problem areas, lessons will drill the fundamentals and address common problem areas for many artists, including drawing in perspective, drawing feet, hands, and faces, and other student-directed topics. This class consists of five 1-hour classes per week and is for artists who are looking to further develop their skills and/or develop a portfolio of work.

Course starts September 21st, class time is at 5:15pm. Ages 11+ or with instructor’s consent.

8 week course of live studio classes 5 days per week (Mon-Fri) *Snacks Included*

Access to exclusive supplementary online lessons

Regular feedback and coaching

Supply List

Required Supplies: Sketchbook (8×11 or 11×17), Pencils, Erasers, and Ink Pens

Optional: Calligraphy Pens ( has cheap pens), Brush Pens, Pocket Brushes, Rulers, Notebook for notes and story ideas.

Check out for some more optional brushes such as: Zebra Disposable (Fine/Extra Fine), Tombow Fudenosuke, Vistage/Aquawash(Fine)

Meet Your Instructor

Louis Manny Pic

Louie is a Story and Comic Artist. A lifelong student and mentor with experience storyboarding for live-action commercial projects in the Sacramento region and teaching illustration and 2D animation in a middle school setting, Louie’s passion is developing strong illustration skills in emerging artists. Self-publishing a fantasy-themed webcomic and graphic novel, Louie understands the importance of being well-rounded while remaining focused on artistic development. Drawing human and animal anatomy, life drawing and gesture, perspective, background and character design, cinematography, story-development, script-writing, and storyboarding; our beginner and intermediate courses will cover all of these and more, with curriculum focused on building foundational drawing skills that give young artists a strong start on their creative journey.

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