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Tony Devestern
via Google

Ekata has exceeded my expectations with their children's martial arts program. Currently our children are approaching year 4 as students. They have learned Jeet Kune Do, Savate, MMA, weapons training (nunchak, bo staff, escrima, and more), and their journey continues! Also, our kids are always excited to attend class as well.

As for the adult studio classes, I am very impressed with the quality and physical intensity of the programs. Also, all of the instructors are extremely skilled, and they provide excellent knowledge transfer to all students. Overall I am glad my family has found Ekata to help keep our mind and body healthy!

Tammy Golf
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We love Ekata. Ekata's Summer Program worked really hard to develop an array of activities for our children. I was able to go work in peace knowing they were in a safe atmosphere with physical activities & weekly themed summer program. Our son truly enjoyed summer camp at Ekata. He experienced other countries' martial arts, culture, food, crafts, and field trips. They also did a parent showcase once a week to show us what they've learned - seriously amazing! I would highly recommend this camp! They really work hard to help your child learn, grow and have fun!

Benjamin Tarabour
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I loved the variety that was offered at Ekata summer camp, trying lots of new things. Capoeira was very unique in the way it included dance and martial arts and the history of it was very interesting. I’d love to try it again sometime.

Chris & Linda Stetson
via Google

Our kids loved the Ekata summer camp experience, from the arts and crafts to the field trips! My wife and I love the weekly themes and the family atmosphere.

Tri Truong
via Google

I wanted to let some time pass before I wrote this review in regards to my experience at Ekata. I have had multiple memberships to various gyms in Santa Clarita. Never have I trained at a martial arts facility such as this one, and I'm beyond glad I signed up here! It's been a little over three months since I've been going here. As challenging as it has been for everyone through COVID, the owners Sifu Ed, Sifu JoAnn, along with their amazing and knowledgeable staff have put in strict protocols to keep the gym running smoothly as well as ensuring the health and well being of the members. Even with COVID, there are plenty of various martial arts classes still running. I'm sure they will add more to the schedule when everything normalizes. If you need any extra insight, they also offer personal training which has helped me grow and gain knowledge in conjunction with the classes which I have attended. The equipment in the weight area is wiped down with sanitizing wipes by the members after every use. Overall, the gym and it's classrooms are very well maintained in all regards. I have had nothing but positive vibes and receive amazing feedback from the owners, staff, and members on the martial arts we practice. Sifu Ed has stated that everyone here is a part of a community that helps one another and it sure felt like that from day one. Another amazing amenity that this gym offers is it's after-school, summer, and kids programs. I don't have any children but if I did, they would for sure be enrolled here. I have spoken with many of the parents that train here with their kids enrolled, and the programs they have for the kids help them grow and instill mindfulness to allow them to progress in various aspects of life. A close friend of mine holds his PhD in psychology and works with the school districts out here Santa Clarita. When he found out I was going here, he told me that Ekata and Sifu Ed does amazing work with our youth to help guide and train them with that practice of mindfulness. Jeet Kune Do is the major emphasis of most of the classes we learn here. It is a wonderful self-defense art that also incorporates many other forms of martial arts which are taught here as well. I highly recommend this training center to anyone who has any degree of curiosity in regards to the martial arts. Check it out. You'll be glad you did!

Debora A.
via Google

I have been practicing meditation and JKD martial arts at Ekata for several years. The training I received from Ekata has improved my stamina both physical and mental. I found myself having less mind chatter and can stay focus at ease under stressful situation. I look forward to the meditation class in the morning to loosen up tension and negative fixation. The JKD class is a good workout and I learn how to protect myself and sharpen my cognitive function. Join us and give it a try!

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